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Josh St. Laurent CFP® CFT-I™ Founder & CEO

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Josh St. Laurent CFP® CFT-I™ Founder & CEO

Josh St. Laurent isn't just your typical financial life planner. He's a passionate advocate for holistic financial well-being, a journey he believes is as unique as every individual he serves. Completing a Masters in Advanced Financial Life Planning Fall of 2024, Josh's expertise is further enriched by his credentials as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Certified Financial Therapist Level One Practitioner.

Josh's journey in finance has taken him across the country, working in a variety of roles and settings. This diverse experience has equipped him with expertise in numerous facets of finance. From bustling cities to quiet towns, he's collaborated with people from all walks of life, understanding their unique financial challenges and aspirations.

Your partner in building wealth

Beyond the numbers, Josh's approach to financial planning is deeply personal. His love for hockey and snowboarding mirrors his approach to finance - it's about navigating the challenges, enjoying the ride, and always aiming for the goal. As the voice behind the Wealth In Yourself Podcast, he delves deep into financial topics, offering listeners actionable insights and a fresh perspective on wealth management.

A significant part of Josh's journey was rebelling against large corporate entities that often prioritized commissions over genuine client welfare. Driven by a desire to maintain his integrity and truly serve his clients, Josh founded Wealth In Yourself to offer commission-free guidance, acting as a fiduciary and always placing his client's best interests at the forefront.

Serving clients nationwide, Josh's mission with Wealth In Yourself is clear: to guide, educate, and empower individuals and small businesses on their financial journey. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned real estate investor, or someone seeking clarity in their financial life, Josh's expertise, experience, and genuine dedication ensure you're equipped for success at every turn.

Want to Know More About Josh?

  • Master’s Degree: Advanced Financial Planning: Concentration in Life Planning (Est. Q1 2024)

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Business Studies, Corporate Finance

  • Associate Degree: Business Admin & Corporate Finance


  • Certified Financial Therapist Level I Practitioner™

  • NextGen Director | Financial Planning Association of Northern CA (9/2022 - 9/2023)

  • 10 years traveling the country specializing in many areas of finance for a national financial firm

The Story

Born in a small New Hampshire town, Josh St. Laurent's early years were filled with hockey games, dirt bike rides, and woodland adventures. The value of hard work was instilled in him from a young age; he entered the workforce at 15 and soon found himself juggling multiple jobs. While his work ethic set him apart, he realized he was working harder, not smarter. This realization ignited his quest to truly understand the world of finance.

The Shift to Finance

Josh self-financed his education through community college, increasingly focusing on finance. He later transferred to a local university to complete his bachelor's degree. His first professional experience in finance came with a role at a national insurance provider. Although enlightening, the job left him yearning for a more holistic approach to financial planning.

Overcoming Obstacles

After 18 months and seven job applications, Josh finally secured his dream job at a national financial firm. However, an unsettled credit card dispute from his teenage years led to the rescinding of his job offer. Undeterred, Josh spent months navigating the complexities of credit bureaus to rectify the issue—a humbling and educational experience. His persistence paid off, and he rejoined the firm six months later, marking the first time he would earn an annual salary exceeding $30,000.

A Diverse Financial Education

Over the next eight years, Josh gained a wealth of experience, working in various departments across multiple states. He specialized in different types of accounts and offered advice both over the phone and in person. During this period, he completed his bachelor's degree, earned his CFP certification, and began a master's program. His roles allowed him to interact with a diverse clientele, giving him a well-rounded understanding of the financial challenges and goals people face.

The Turning Point

Josh's last two and a half years in Silicon Valley proved transformative. He realized that helping the 99% catch up to the top 1% was far more fulfilling than making the wealthy even wealthier. Disenchanted with the impersonal, profit-over-people approach of the corporate finance world, he knew it was time for a change. This led to the birth of Wealth In Yourself, a firm that puts people and their life goals at the forefront of financial planning.

Mentoring Young People

Wealth In Yourself is proud to collaborate with 3rd Decade, a non-profit organization dedicated to financial education and mentorship for young adults. Through this partnership, we offer pro-bono financial planning and guidance to help the next generation make informed financial decisions and set the stage for long-term financial well-being. Our involvement underscores our commitment to making financial planning accessible and empowering for everyone, regardless of age or financial background.

Helping Underprivileged Youth

Josh has been privileged to work as a Guardian Ad Litem (CASA in some states) to be able to represent youth in the court system who would otherwise not have a voice.


Junior Achievement

Like Wealth in Yourself, part of the mission of JA is to spread financial literacy education to those who can really benefit, our younger generations. Very few things are as rewarding as partnering with this great group. https://jausa.ja.org/

Habitat for Humanity

An incredible organization that partners with people in the community to lend a hand in building one of our most necessary and fundamental resources, shelter. Especially here in CA, we have seen the impacts of neglecting affordable housing. https://www.habitat.org/

When not in the community you can find Josh hiking with his wife Amanda and their dog Leo, snowboarding in Tahoe, or riding his motorcycle down the California coast. True to his NH roots the mountains are home.

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